Lowongan Kerja BANK NIAGA 2009 Terbaru – Paling Dicari –

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Niaga Finance

Niaga Finance is a subsidiary of Bank CIMB Niaga, one of the largest banking in Indonesia. Niaga Finance currently is one of the providers heavy equipment leasing and consumer finance services in Indonesia. As the company growth, we would like to invite you to be a part of our dynamic team to fill these positions below:

Finance & Accounting Head (Code: FAD)(Jakarta Raya)


1. Indonesian, Male / Female, Max. 40 years old.

2. Hold S1 degree in Accountancy from reputable university, with minimum of 5 years
working experience in the related field, preferable from multifinance companies

3. Familiar with accounting software packages

4. Fluent in English, Computer literate

5. Excellent working knowledge of Indonesian Tax Regulations.

6. Honest, disciplined, and dedicated personality

7. Good interpersonal relationship skills.

8. Ability to work independently with high accuracy, detail oriented, strong critical and analytical skills.

9. Able to communicate effectively across different levels in the organization and work under tight timeframes and handle multiple projects simultaneously.


- Manage the Company’s finance and accounting functions and responsible for managing the preparation of consolidated financial statements and management reports including budget and forecasts.

- Manage reliable accounting system and ensure that system is running effectively.

- Responsible for performance review management, reviewing financial analyze and evaluations of business units.

- Manage tax planning & reporting, compliance and internal control.

- Liaise with external/internal auditors, legal and tax advisors on related matters.

Send your application to the e-mail address below and please state the job code. Only shortlisted candidates with those qualifications will be called for interview.

HR Division (attn: Mr.Erwin)


Closing Date: 24-03-2009

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