Lowongan Kerja Telkom Terbaru 2009

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Indonesian Tower ( PT Solusindo Kreasi Pratama )

The biggest and leading independent tower company urgently look for the most appropriate candidate for :

WiMAX Account Officer
(Jakarta Raya)


1. Familiar with IP Network Design and Topologies

2. Knowledge of IP Network, Topologies, and Applications (LAN, VLAN Trunking,


1. Willing to travel

2. Any CISCO certification (CCNA or CCVP) would be advantage

3. Degree in Telecommunication or IT

4. Solid Background in sales and product development

5. Excellent skill in product selling presentation with deep technical knowledge

6. Solid Technical knowledge of WiMAX E2E Technology Platform for both IEEE 802.16-2004 and 2005 standard compliance


1. Achieve sales target, acquite new customer and maximize potentiality of the existing customers

Interested Candidates Please Apply ONLINE Using the QUICK APPLY link below.

Otherwise you can send only your Complete RESUME and RECENT PHOTOGRAPH to:

Closing Date: 21-3-09

Please visit our websites at www.indonesiantower.com

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