Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2009 Sebagai User Interface Engineer At Facebook

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Palo Alto, CA

Facebook is looking for an experienced User Interface Engineer to support a small group of designers and function at the intersection of product and engineering. This position is part of the product organization and candidates are required to be able to build and implement complex interactions in collaboration with product designers. The position is full-time and reports to the Product Design Lead. The position is based in our main office in downtown Palo Alto, CA.

Tanggung Jawab
• Work with designers to implement and maintain user-facing features for an audience of millions
• Ship products of the highest quality through strict attention to visual and interaction details
• Utilize and contribute to Facebook’s core UI libraries
• Code primarily using PHP and Javascript
• Identify and communicate best practices for front-end engineering

• Expertise in PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
• Ability to write well-abstracted, reusable code for common UI components in PHP and Javascript
• Ability to create interfaces that are fast, consistent across browsers, and demonstrate an intimate knowledge of browser quirks and best practices
• Extremely detail oriented down to pixel-perfect implementation
• Experience crafting efficient, optimized, and speed-minded code
• 3+ years of experience building web or desktop applications
• B.A./B.S. in Computer Science or a related technical field

• Experience with user testing and complicated workflow design
• Relevant experience includes self-started personal projects
• Unmistakable passion for building and releasing amazing user-facing products

Complete information see facebook.com

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